I Shot JFK: The Shocking Truth (DVD review).

It’s 50 years since the assassination of JFK in Dallas. The official story is that he was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle shot, taken from some distance away in the book depository and, later, before he could come to trial he in turn was shot down by Jack Ruby, a strip club owner with Mafia connections. Many people find this to be too incredible to be believable and ever since the event, conspiracy theories have been formulated. Most of these theories do not put the USA government of the day in very good light.


Several DVDs have come on the market to mark the event and this one is probably the most convincing of them all. It concerns the testimony of James Files, a man who probably worked with the mob and the CIA. At that time, the two were often indistinguishable. James Files gives a very convincing performance, much like Chauncey Holt in one of the other DVDs being released at this time, but unlike Chauncey he comes across as a rather unpleasant character. The opinion after watching the interview is that you would not like him to be your associate.

James Files claims that he was the one who delivered the fatal head shot to President Kennedy as he travelled with his entourage along the road of his last journey in life. He is very convincing, right through the interview. In a commanding performance, which does not stutter, he relates every event in great detail. He is either the real thing or a very accomplished actor. Some of what he says ties up with Chauncey and, maybe, between the two of them, we have a correct result. Surely, after 50 years, we should get to the truth. Unfortunately, many of the people involved have died, some in mysterious circumstances.

It’s often the case that you are asked where you were when JFK was shot. I was in school and remember it well. Of course, after 50 years, most people are too young and were not born until well after the event but it still should be a significant milestone in everyone’s life nonetheless because this act shaped the whole future of the world. Maybe if Kennedy had survived, we would have ended up in a nuclear war. The Cuban crisis was just too close for comfort and who knows what other horrors would have awaited the Kennedy Administration. Kennedy was taken out and later Nikita Khrushchev was pushed to the side! Significant events in world history!

Whatever you think about JFK and the assassination, this DVD is well worth watching. Before you purchase make sure your player can handle American NTSC format DVDs.

Rod MacDonald

October 2013

(region 1 DVD: MVD Entertainment Group. 90 minute film with extras. Price: $14.05 (US), £ 7.40 (UK). ASIN: B00AMHFQXM)

cast: James E. Files

check out website: www.mvdb2b.com

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