Hypnotic (spy-fy thriller movie: trailer).

Get ready to have your mind bent into a pretzel, folks! “Hypnotic” (in cinemas on May 26th, 2023) takes you on a wild ride with the Oscar-winning Ben Affleck, who plays detective Danny Rourke.

Desperate to find his missing daughter, Rourke finds himself ensnared in a web of reality-warping bank robberies and a secret government program. And what’s a good mystery without a psychic? Enter Alice Braga as Diana Cruz, the unnervingly gifted psychic who aids our befuddled protagonist. Together, they’ll chase an enigmatic figure (William Fichtner) who may or may not hold the key to unraveling it all.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez, “Hypnotic” is a family affair with Rodriguez’s sons and daughter collaborating on various aspects of the film.

Let’s hope their psychic powers are strong enough to foresee whether or not audiences will be left questioning their most basic assumptions about their world and everyone in it, or if they’ll just be left scratching their heads. So mark your calendars and buckle up for a wild cinematic journey that’ll have you questioning everything you thought you knew.

You’re welcome, reality.


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