Dune: Awakening – a Dune MMO survival game, where sand is always in vogue (trailer).

Are you tired of those run-of-the-mill survival games, where you’re stuck in a boring forest or a dreary post-apocalyptic wasteland? Fear not, dear gamers, for Funcom has the perfect solution: why not try surviving on the most inhospitable planet in the universe? Introducing Dune: Awakening, the ambitious Open World Survival MMO that promises to be just as dry and sandy as the deserts of Arrakis itself.

Following the game’s grand reveal at Gamescom 2022, Funcom graces us with pre-alpha footage, showcasing the vast expanses of desert you’ll spend countless hours traversing. Because who doesn’t love sand? Based on Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi novel and Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster film, Dune: Awakening is tailored for those who’ve always dreamt of experiencing the joys of a planet where water is scarce and sandstorms can strip the flesh from your bones.

Surviving Arrakis is no easy feat, but you’ll be in good company with thousands of other players who are equally bewildered by their decision to brave the merciless sands. But don’t worry, there’s more to Dune: Awakening than just fighting over scarce resources and dodging sandworms the size of skyscrapers. You’ll also have the opportunity to control the flow of spice, the mysterious substance that fuels the planet’s economy and serves as the catalyst for your impending doom.

And if you thought the survival aspect was thrilling, just wait until you witness the sheer scale of conflicts in this game. Picture it: skirmishes that quickly escalate into massive battles, featuring infantry, ground vehicles, and ornithopters. It’s like an intergalactic version of Mad Max – but with more sand.

So, if you’re itching to dive into a unique multiplayer open world that’ll push the limits of your survival instincts and make you question your life choices, sign up for Dune: Awakening right now. With its epic scale, immersive gameplay, and groundbreaking fusion of Survival and MMO genres, this game will surely leave you parched for more. So, put on your stillsuit and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Arrakis – if you dare.

Dune: Awakening - a Dune MMO survival game, where sand is always in vogue (trailer).
Dune: Awakening – a Dune MMO survival game, where sand is always in vogue (trailer).

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