Futurama’s grand re-entrance? Even Zapp Brannigan couldn’t botch this mission (season 11 trailer).

Like a space-roving phoenix rising from the ashes of cancellation, ‘Futurama’ is back, baby! It’s been frozen in the proverbial cryo-tube for the past decade, and is now taking a quantum leap into the unfathomable abyss of the streaming era, because apparently, no one can resist the gravitational pull of binge-watching convenience.

A shiny new season is poised to crash-land on Hulu this summer, promising to be chock-full of the usual interstellar shenanigans that has made the show a beloved staple of adult animation. This will be the 11th season… or 8th season, depending on who’s doing the counting. Who said keeping track of time was easy, especially when you’ve got a hard-drinking, wise-cracking robot, a 20th-century pizza delivery guy, and a one-eyed love interest on the crew?

In a turn of events that would make even the Professor’s head spin, John DiMaggio – the voice of Bender himself – initially told Hulu to, ahem, “bite his shiny metal ass” during contract negotiations. After a bit of back and forth that had fans doing their best impression of a Hypnotoad, they eventually reached a compromise and Bender will be back, even if Hulu’s offer was a tad stingier than the contents of Fry’s wallet.

And while we’d all like to cryogenically freeze ourselves until the premiere, the streaming service has promised a buffet of classic ‘Futurama’ tropes to satiate our appetite until then. Expect everything from the unresolved romance between Fry and Leela, to an investigation into the shadowy past of Robot Santa. Not to mention a dose of modern satire because who doesn’t want to see Zoidberg’s take on the vaccine rollout or Bender dabble in bitcoin trading?

So, buckle up, fans of cyclopean spaceship pilots, sentient squids, and foul-mouthed robots! The Planet Express crew is plotting a course back into your living rooms. And remember: if you watch it on a Tuesday, it’s technically part of a balanced diet. Trust us, we learned it from Dr. Zoidberg himself!

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