Fast X: Mark Kermode reviews all the white tank tops and blazing tyres (film review).

Hold onto your seatbelts folks because we’ve got some sizzling review action hot off the raceway thanks to our man of many movies, aka Mark Kermode – ‘Fast X’ (also known as ‘Fast & Furious 10’), the cinematic equivalent of nitrous oxide, is burning rubber in theaters and smashing box office records yet again. Who needs a coherent plot or a reasonable physics lesson when you’ve got Vin Diesel and his gearhead family defying gravity and common sense with their souped-up rides?

In this latest high-octane, logic-defying joyride, the Fast family faces off against the wrath of Dante Reyes (played by Jason Momoa with a menacing scowl that might even put his Aquaman trident to shame). The muscle-bound, tattooed baddie seeks revenge for his papa’s untimely death, and he’s not after an apology note.

It’s no secret that the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise is hooked on bringing back the dead, whether that’s a character or a storyline, but this time around they’ve also revived a favorite behind the camera. Louis Leterrier took the director’s chair after Justin Lin decided to take a pit stop from the series. This resulted in a few rewrites, a French touch, and the honor of steering one of the most expensive films ever made, with a whopping budget of $340 million. Now that’s a lot of gas money!

‘Fast X’ premiered at The Space Cinema Roma Moderno in Rome, a suitable choice given that some of the film’s most explosive scenes take place on the Eternal City’s ancient cobblestone streets. Unsurprisingly, the film received mixed reviews, with critics simultaneously impressed and exasperated at its relentless pursuit of increasingly ludicrous action sequences. Still, with a worldwide gross of $318 million, it seems like the Fast family isn’t putting on the brakes anytime soon.

Whether you’re in it for the thrill of watching luxury cars perform implausible stunts, or to witness yet another attempt at decoding the enigma of Dominic Toretto’s infinite supply of white tank tops, ‘Fast X’ is sure to satiate your need for speed and nonsensical action. Buckle up, viewers, because it’s not over yet – another sequel is already revving its engines for a 2025 release.

Fast X: Mark Kermode reviews all the white tank tops and blazing tyres (film review).
Fast X: Mark Kermode reviews all the white tank tops and blazing tyres (film review).

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