Fantasy Magazine is coming back (news).

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Publisher John Joseph Adams is planning to bring back Fantasy Magazine.

The first new issue of Fantasy will appear in November 2020 – joining sister-magazines Lightspeed and Nightmare under the same publishing umbrella – aka Adamant Press.

JJA has named Arley Sorg and Christie Yant as co-editors-in-chief and will continue in his role as publisher.

The magazine will be open to submissions July 1st-7th 2020 and, going forward, will be open the first week of every month (1st – 7th).

Visit for more information.

Fantasy Magazine was originally launched in 2005, published by Sean Wallace.

It started as a print magazine before shifting to digital-only publication in 2007.

That shift coincided with an editorial change: Paul Tremblay stepped down and was replaced by Cat Rambo, with Wallace continuing to serve as publisher and co-editor.

Rambo and Wallace remained as joint editors of Fantasy until March 2011 when they both stepped down as editors and were replaced by John Joseph Adams. Adams edited Fantasy for the rest of 2011. Beginning in January 2012, Adams took over as publisher of Fantasy and its sister-magazine, Lightspeed (which he was also already editor of), and merged the two magazines together under the single title of Lightspeed.

At that time, Fantasy, as an ongoing publication, went on indefinite hiatus, though it reappeared for single special issues in 2014, 2015, and 2016. The November 2020 issue will be the first new Fantasy issue in four years.

Fantasy magazine

Fantasy magazine


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