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Doctor Who: The Seeds Of War by Matt Fitton and Nicholas Briggs (CD audio review).

‘The Seeds Of War’ introduces a major enemy that will continue to feature in stories about various incarnations of the Doctor. Written by Matt Fitton, sitting at the knee of Nick Briggs, ‘The Seeds Of War’ jumps to four different locations to tell a broad tale about the end of a war and the beginning of a tentative peace.


When the Doctor and Mel arrive on the Great Tower of Kalsos, they are hoping for canapés at the opening but instead encounter a demolition gang as the tower is being destroyed to eliminate the possibility of the re-emergence of the Eminence. Rescued by the handsome (I’m imagining this) Telefer, Melanie is slightly smitten but the Doctor is incarcerated as a likely evil enemy alien. So far so active. When Mel’s recovered from her near death experience, she desperately tries to find out who the Eminence is and why everyone is so afraid. Along with the family of Telelfer, the pair has a mission but the Eminence is barely a step behind them.

Using our knowledge of the personality of the Sixth Doctor and his relationships with his companions, this story jumps around geographically and admirably manages to keep us interested. Initially, I was reminded of the Seventh Doctor story and thought the tower block would be the only locations but this is no ‘Paradise Towers’ and the action moves on swiftly with some excellent sound design and quite disturbing images.

I thoroughly enjoyed this as it plays a little on the darker side of the later Doctors. It also uses Melanie well for a change and the changes in locations made it quite an ambitious and entertaining plot. I’d be happy with a few less carrot juice comments and I’m a big fan of the later/earlier Sixth Doctor who has matured beautifully with Big Finish but nevertheless a great story and a new/old enemy for the previous Doctors to pick up in future series. I hope that’s clear.

Sue Davies

April 2013

(pub: Big Finish. 2 CDs 120 minute story. Price: CD: £14.99 (UK), Download: £12.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-78178-053-4)

cast: Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford, Ray Fearon, Ony Uhiara, Stuart Organ, Lucy Russell, John Banks, Beth Chalmers and David Sibley

check out website: www.bigfinish.com

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