Doctor Who Flux: Chapter Four: Village Of The Angels by Chris Chibnall and Maxine Alderton (TV episode review).

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Hopefully, after a surreal third episode, things will be back to a normality this week. The universe might be ending, but its going with a time jump than a bang. It’s almost like showrunner/scriptwriter Chris Chibnall has forgotten the original premise. It’s not as though the Sontarans, Daleks or Weeping Angels seem that worried about it.

Maybe its different eras of time and the end of the universe hasn’t reached them yet. Even so, you would think knowing that the nomadic Time Lord might be trying to rescue the universe might get them to step back a bit. Let’s hope its more a matter of them not knowing.

It’s not like they’re particularly nasty, is it? Try not to blink too much throughout this episode, well unless you have a Weeping Angel sitting…standing…advancing from the corner of your room.

Pretty Weeping Angels.

How much to say as so much is spoiler. It would be better to summarise and suggest you watch first. By the nature of quantum extraction, don’t ask but it sounds a bit like entanglement, the village of Medderton is taken out of time so we have elements in 1967 and 1901.

Don’t look behind you.

In 1967, we meet Professor Jericho (actor Kevin McNally) interrogating Claire Brown (actress Annabel Scholey), who is giving odd responses to a lie detector and whom the Doctor is in pursuit of. Meanwhile, Yaz and Dan are helping in the search for the missing Peggy and finding the village deserted arrive in 1901 and Peggy is there. Any more about that is spoiler. The Weeping Angels real target is revealed and its not a good situation.

Does any of the above help? I do have to wonder if the junior fans of ‘Doctor Who’ are following all of this? Mind you, if they survived episode 3, all things are possible. It is possible that we are likely to see the origin of the Weeping Angels next time.

You don’t want to peep, do you?

Essentially, it does look like the episode is all a trap to capture the Doctor but for what is still up in the air. The story is very much a jigsaw of putting the parts together. I will say that Peggy is in different time zones at the same time, although you do have to wonder why her future self doesn’t know what is going on and warning the Doctor about it.

This story has a strong lead into the fifth episode. Hopefully, we’ll see some answers there.

GF Willmetts

21 November 2021

You blinked, didn’t you?


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