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Children of Dune: the O.G Dune-tastic Voyage (scifi TV series retrospective).

Oh, Children of Dune, you beautiful, sandy enigma of a series! If you thought the universe of Dune was just sandworms, spice, and that catchy little “fear is the mind-killer” mantra, this miniseries sure did slap on some snorkeling gear and plunged us deep into the dunes.

For the uninitiated (and those who watched the series but got as lost as one might in an actual desert), let’s rewind: we’ve got Paul Atreides, our beloved desert boy-turned-Emperor, who’s been casually running the galaxy from his sandy home base of Arrakis. Everything’s going fine-ish. That is until the rest of the universe decides to put on their plotting caps.

You might have come for the space politics, but Children of Dune gives us dramatics galore: family betrayals, siblings with creepy shared visions, and a villainess played by none other than Susan Sarandon who seems to be having the time of her life. And boy, is her enthusiasm contagious. She’s the desert’s version of Cersei Lannister – sly, cunning, and with an entire wardrobe that screams “I’m in charge”. No wonder SFcrowsnest called this miniseries the ultimate spicy escapade.

Then there’s the mysterious Preacher. Rumor mill says he’s Paul, but he wouldn’t… would he? No spoilers here, but it’s a juicy twist worth waiting for.

And speaking of Paul – Alec Newman, who took on this monumental role, seems to have taken Paul’s “fear is the mind killer” mantra a tad too seriously. His expression was so stiff throughout; I half-expected someone to come over and check if he’d turned into one of those sand statues.

But let’s not overshadow the true MVPs here: Leto II and Ghanima. These “children of Dune” (see what I did there?) bring a new layer of, well, everything to the table. And can we talk about James McAvoy as Leto? A moment of appreciation for his journey from sandy prince to, well, you’ll see…

The series also made me question my geography a bit. I mean, Arrakis seems so much like a trip to Burning Man – arid, filled with eclectic personalities, and everyone’s so intent on visions and dreams. Does that make Lady Jessica the ultimate festival mom?

As a nod to its creators, what’s evident is the herculean task of translating Frank Herbert’s richly layered world from page to screen. The team took on not just one, but two novels from the expansive Dune saga, a feat in itself. Sure, some purists might have a thing or two to say about tweaks and twists, but isn’t that the beauty of adaptation?

Children of Dune reminds us that the universe of Dune isn’t just about sandworms and spice. It’s about the convoluted, sandy roads people tread in their pursuit of power, love, and a bit of that mind-altering vision (responsibly, of course). It’s a galactic soap opera with sand in places you wouldn’t believe.

So, dear reader, if you’re seeking a space drama with twists and turns that’ll have you gasping, chuckling, and scratching your head in turn, slide on those sand boots and dive into Children of Dune. You won’t be disappointed. And remember, always wear sunscreen; those twin suns can be brutal.

Children of Dune: the O.G Dune-tastic Voyage (scifi TV series retrospective).
Children of Dune: the O.G Dune-tastic Voyage (scifi TV series retrospective).


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