Author Ben Galley joins John Jarrold Literary Agency.

Ben Galley is a novelist from the UK, currently living in Victoria, Canada, and has just joined the John Jarrold Literary Agency.

After studying music at college, Ben moved into the world of indie-publishing. His work – published since his first novel in 2010 – includes the four-book Emaneska Nordic fantasy series, which has sold 70,000 copies, the Scarlet Star trilogy, mixing Western fantasy and alternate history, Heart of Stone, a military fantasy epic standalone novel about an immortal golem, and most recently the Chasing Graves fantasy trilogy, inspired by Egyptian mythology.

Author Ben Galley joins John Jarrold Literary Agency.
Author Ben Galley joins John Jarrold Literary Agency.

Chasing Graves is a dark fantasy set in a world where ghosts are bound as slaves for the rich. The trilogy follows master thief Caltro Basalt as he is thrust unwillingly into this cutthroat world and fights to reclaim his freedom. Ben has also produced a graphic novel adaptation of his debut novel (The Written) and several short stories. His shorts can be found in the following anthologies: The Art of War, Lone Wolf, and Lost Lore.

Wishing to share his indie-publishing expertise, Ben also launched Shelf Help – a site that provides advice and consultations for aspiring writers.

John Jarrold said, ”Ben is both a wonderful writer and someone who understands and thinks deeply about the business of publishing. Since he self-published his first novel in 2010 he has achieved a huge amount – and this is really only the beginning. His novels are outstandingly visual, made for film and TV, and we’re going to have a great deal of fun talking to publishers around the world, film-makers and other creative people.”

Ben website is over at

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