Arkady Martine: sci-fi author interview (audio).

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Here’s an audio interview with the author Arkady Martine, whose first scifi novel, A Memory Called Empire, published in 2019, is the beginning of her Teixcalaan series (read our review of the tome here … https://www.sfcrowsnest.info/a-memory-called-empire-teixcalaan-series-book-1-by-arkady-martine/ ).

It is set in a future where the Teixcalaanli empire governs most of human space, and is about to absorb Lsel, an independent mining station. Lsel ambassador Mahit Dzmare is sent to the imperial capital to prevent this, and finds herself embroiled in the empire’s succession crisis.

Arkady Martine: sci-fi author interview (audio).

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