Actor Peter Fonda passes (Futureworld, Escape from L.A).

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The classic 1960s actor Peter Fonda passed away from respiratory failure caused by lung cancer in his mansion in LA, yesterday, aged 79.

He acted in a number of genre movies and TV series including Futureworld (the sequel to Westworld), Escape from L.A, Ghost Rider, Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Supernova, but he’ll be best remembered for his early role in Dennis Hopper’s Easy Rider and similar 1960s films.

He is, of course, the brother of actress Jane Fonda.

In Easy Rider, Fonda played Captain America, a dangerous biker whose motorcycle jacket had an American flag across the back (Dennis Hopper played Billy biker, while Jack Nicholson played an alcoholic lawyer biker … now that’s a cast).

Actor Peter Fonda passes (Futureworld, Escape from L.A).

Actor Peter Fonda passes (Futureworld, Escape from L.A).


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