Willy’s Wonderland: a horror movie review by Mark Kermode (video).

Mark Kermode knows a thing or two about horror films, so what will he make of the Willy’s Wonderland flick by Screen Media Films, where a drifter (Nicolas Cage, who is also the movie’s Producer) is tricked into taking an overnight janitorial job at abandoned family fun centre, Willy’s Wonderland.

After dark, the janitor finds himself locked in and facing off against the eight super-powered possessed animatronic android mascots that hungrily hunt across the halls of Willy’s.

Originally due for release in 2020, this bad boy is now streaming via video on demand, with a limited theatrical release in the United States, from February 12th 2021.

Willy's Wonderland: a horror movie review by Mark Kermode (video).
Cage versus android muppets? Sounds like a plan.

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