When 3D printing giants collide.

Stratasys and Objet have just merged, buddying up to create a 3D printing King Kong.

Stratasys is best known for its range of 3D printing and direct digital manufacturing kit, with goodies to manufacture parts with a range of capabilities and materials used. The company will offer three main systems : FDM  for functional prototypes and production parts; inkjet-based PolyJet for prototyping parts with high detail and surface finish; and Solidscape Drop-on-Demand thermoplastic ink-jetting technology for wax patterns for investment casting of finished parts.

Stratasys chairman Scott Crump told SFcrowsnest, “We are pleased to announce the successful completion of this merger. With our breadth of products, commitment to innovation, and outstanding, service-focused team, we will be well positioned to address customer needs across the entire 3D design and manufacturing spectrum. The combined company has a deep well of talent and a strong board and management team to lead us successfully as we continue to pave a new way forward for the 3D printing industry.”

Stratasys and Objet join forces.
And here’s one they made earlier!


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