World getting weirder

UFOs: Identifying the Unidentified (video).

With the UAP report being released by the Pentagon this month (June 2021), people are now looking at the UFO mystery from a scientific perspective.

Avi Loeb joins John Michael Godlier to discuss how to determine if UAP are aliens or some sort of technology from an Alien Civilization. What will the UAP pentagon report say? When will the report on UFOs be released? Are aliens here? Are UAP alien?

Dr. Avi Loeb discusses why the UAP sightings should be taken seriously as he offers to lead a scientific inquiry to study these sightings and determine just if they are nothing more than atmospheric phenomena, or actually Alien or alien technology.

UFOs: Identifying the Unidentified (video).
UFOs: Identifying the Unidentified (video).


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