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UFO/UAP news roundup (27th March 2022).

Here’s the weekly roundup of all the best new content that is fit to print, and some that probably isn’t, concerning the topic of UFOs, UAPs, and a sugary side-dollop of woo.

Mr. Ted Roe, the artist, photographer, and creator of NARCAP, was the UCR guest today. They also go over Lue’s chat with the UCR crew from last Friday, which has to lead to a UAP March Madness. Ho hum.

Charles James Hall talks about his time at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Charles Hall testified that he had visited with ‘Tall White’ extraterrestrials at a secret subterranean location near Nellis.

If you aren’t familiar with Harry Turner and Edward Ruppelt, you will be soon. Ross and Bryce recount some of the first UAP investigations in the United States and Australia, including the tale of the guy who coined the term “UFO.” Bryce gives the results of his current poll on whether we should label this phenomena a UFO, a UAP, both, or neither. Ross also informs us of a statement made by the former chief of France’s equivalent of the CIA.

Are the Reptilians shadow entities in the dark, waging war on humanity from beyond the realms of reality? The presence of Reptilians is one of the most controversial – and potentially ridiculous – topics ignored by the international media. The potential existence of a superior and maliciousintelligence that has been influencing humans for aeons is now teased by these speakers. Hear evidence from alien abductees and experiencers that may lead to a dark intent behind a lizardy extraterrestrial presence on Earth in this exposé on the Reptilians on Earth (maybe).

Luis Elizondo, former Directorof the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) 2010-2017, on how The DNI acknowledged that 143 of their 144 UFO reports could not be explained.

Sean Cahill is interviewed. From 1995 through 2015, Chief Cahill was a member of the United States Navy. Skyfort.org, a think tank and digital incubator focused on UAP research and awareness, is his new life.

Here’s a panel discussion about potential ancient civilizations on Earth.

The CIA’s invasion of the UFO File just might have gone down, if your noggin takes a conspiratorial turn.

Chris Lehto, a veteran F-16 fighter pilot who now lives and surfs in Portugal and works as a full-time video developer, speaks with the UCR team. They discuss his most recent videos, as well as his thoughts on Mick West’s gimbal simulator and UAP theories.

Thanks to science fiction & fantasy author Stephen Hunt for compiling and authoring this weekly report. Best-known for creating the steampunk genre with his best-selling Jackelian series (HarperCollins/Macmillan/Tor), the first of Stephen’s Sliding Void space opera series adventures was simultaneously the #1 most downloaded novel on Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Canada. Mr. H. now makes time in between scribbling his literary endeavours to go so far down the rabbit hole that we’d need to dispatch the White Rabbit as a Crash Retrieval Specialist to rescue his ass. He’s now released his very first non-fiction work, investigating the odd world of UFOs and UAPs… Strange Incursions. Grab your copy from https://amzn.to/3yUBcRj

UFO/UAP roundup (5/12/21).

Stephen Hunt

Stephen Hunt is a fantasy and science fiction author published in English the UK, Canada and Australasia by HarperCollins and in the USA by Tor. For all the foreign translations of his works, check out his web site at http://www.StephenHunt.net

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