TwoMorrows Publishing needs help looking for missing 3 pages of the True Divorce story titled ‘The Model’

Help TwoMorrows Publishing find the  following images for our upcoming book JACK KIRBY’S DINGBAT LOVE! Make Jack Kirby’s FINAL UNPUBLISHED STORIES look as good as possible when they’re finally published and keep us from having to restore lesser images! If you have photocopies, scans, or originals, please email publisher John Morrow at: or call 919-449-0344 Anonymity will be respected if requested. All contributors get a FREE copy of JACK KIRBY’S  DINGBAT LOVE, and we’ll cover any expenses for copying or scanning.

It collects Kirby’s final unpublished stories from his DC Comics projects Dingbats of Danger Street #2 and #3, True Divorce Cases, and Soul Love.

But we’re missing 3 pages of the True Divorce story titled “The Model”, and could use better copies/scans of a handful of other pages, to make this landmark presentation as beautiful as possible!

Click here to download a small PDF file showing what we need, and please share any images you have—and help spread the word!


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