Thunderbirds Are Go Official Guidebook (book review).

I’ve spoken in the past about the quality of Japanese books, especially when it comes down to their love of the Century 21 product. This also extends to the latest CGI version. I came across this book, ‘Thunderbirds Are Go Official Guidebook’, some time ago but had to figure out how to find one being sold at a decent price. The best way really is go to source, ie Japan.

Thus there is this guidebook is based on the first season of the CGI version of ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’. Please don’t think this is a translation of the UK Guidebook. If only ours was as good as this with its selection of photos and other detail. It’s a shame that it’s in Japanese but that hasn’t stopped many of us with getting things unique. If anyone across the world has seen publications of a similar nature that aren’t translations of English books and these exist in Japan as well, please let me know with links. I’m always interested in widening my knowledge of how anything genre based expands across the world and if they do their own books.

Even so, you can follow the subject trends from looking at the characters and their vehicles, before a making of. The photos for this focus of the physical island that the CGI is imposed on. I should point out one section of the book is in black and white but this is normal for Japanese books. Although this book does not have as many photos as other books on the C21 product, this does appear to have been released to mark the release of the first season of ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’.

There is even a section with photos from the original 1965 series and a few photos of the merchandise for the new show at that time. The publishers Kodansha MOOK really need to do an updated volume, especially as the series is now into its third season.

GF Willmetts

September 2017

(pub: Kodansha MOOK. 98 page illustrated softcover. ISBN: NEOBK-1873572. Price: about £ 9.97 (1500 yen) with about £ 7.92 (1192 yen) air mail postage if you go to the site below)

check out website: to buy at a reasonable price and by air mail. It got to the UK in a week.


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