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The examination of information from the recorded events used in the 2018 film ‘The Predator’ brings out some contradictory information, especially in regards to what we know about the extra-terrestrial predator hunters.

Project Stargazer now records there are two tribes of these predators and at war with each other as well as their normal safaris objectives. The new variant, called giant to distinguish it, stands at 12 feet (3.7 metres) tall and cybernetic armour that it can incorporate into its body. It was seeking the pilot of a recently captured smaller predator 7 feet (2.1 metres) tall.

It was later established that not only had there been some hybridisation but it was carrying human DNA, although there did not appear to be any physical chimera aspects. It was speculated by Doctor Casey Bracket that part of previous hunting trips that the smaller predators were collecting spinal fluid for this operation. However, although the number of these safaris has grown, the number of their failures has as well. This has not deterred the smaller tribe from their game reserve but only made humans a more dangerous game. Human victories haven’t deterred them, just made the hunt more interesting. We would have to assume that there are some unrecorded successes on their part for that to be true.

There is also another assumption that this enhanced predator hunter was bringing us some of their technology, contradicted when it killed most of the base operatives of Project Stargazer. Hardly something likely of a possible ally. More so as it is known that these predators have a reliable intelligence system of Earth affairs and, although it might not have appreciated being tranquillised or imprisoned, it would have realised that it was in the right place. As far as is known, Stargazer has no terrestrial rivals seeking out these predators. The giant hunter technology when discovered reveals itself to enable the user to wear an enclosed predictor armour. One would have to think there is some arrogance that it was for us considering that humans have been there prey for so long.

It has  been noted that a number of mercenaries and different military assassins and murderers have gone missing in recent years suggesting that as our success rate against them has improved and employing a different tactic or at least one of these tribes have. The common denomination is they are all experienced or practicing killers, a scenario that places them in the hunter category. The success rate against these missing people appears to be 100% as none of them have been seen again.

These abductions have been quick and taking them armed, as their personal weapons have also vanished. Totally in contradiction to these predators m.o. who like to hunt us on Earth. Nor have there been any body remains found. No skinless bodies. No decapitated bodies. None of the familiar losers of a predator hunt. We have a new hidden player in town whose job might be abduction for its allies. The fact that they have neither been seen or detected should not be discounted as this is similar technology to that of the hunters themselves.

Is there anything we can deduce about this third tribe? The hunters do not appear to ally themselves with anyone so they might be of the same species. Even those tiny skulls adorning their bodies suggests that they have been hunting since young and keep mementos of even their earliest prey. The increasingly level of dangerous prey would also suggest a rite of passage. Whether there is anything beyond the hunt has only been speculated. Even these giant hunters seem to have similar motivation, although includes the smaller hunters as their prey.

If there was any parallel to terrestrial hunters, then not all members of these species are hunters. We have seen no members of their scientific community or even medical staff or although they do come equipped with their own medical equipment. There has to support units out there if for no other reason than to service their spacecraft.

Having a non-combat hunter out there sounds almost contradictory. Assuming that the hunters haven’t delegated the job or found a willing non-terrestrial species to kidnap or move key military and murderers in recent years, some of their number must be on the Earth collecting intelligence before commencing such activities.

So what can we draw from that? These abductions are quick and bloodless. This also suggests a different weapon set than the hunters and a certain amount of altruism, Maybe it is the reward of location and capture that appeals to them than the murderous hunt. Of course, as we have realised that there are two distinctive species of hunters, this could be a third merely seeking its own arbitrary status.

There has to be some debate as to what these hunters main objective is. Originally, it was thought that they were here just for the hunt. Police Lieutenant Michael Harrigan pointing out that the hunter he killed had a trophy room of various non-terrestrial skulls does tend to re-enforce this. When this hunter’s kin materialised and took away the cadaver, the hunt was deemed over although Harrigan was given little time to leave the spacecraft as it left. This also suggests that each hunter has its own hunt and not passed to other members of the tribe. It would have to be assumed this is more than simply a rite of passage. Death was regarded as a normal event in the safaris and also indicates these hunters morn their dead.

We can see similarities to terrestrial hunters who like the thrill of the hunt where the more dangerous the better. However, in some respects, the hunter’s arsenal does give it too much of an advantage. They appear to know this and will shed their equipment in the final confrontation against their main prey. When they lose, as Major Alan Schaffer pointed out, there is a strong desire to self-destruct rather than leave any of their technology to their prey and it shouldn’t be a surprise that they have a tactile nuclear weapon.

This is a measure of both intelligence and a conscious decision to leave nothing of themselves. Of course, this has failed over the years and mankind has built up a limited selection of their weapons and some technology. If the captured hunter was going to hand over anything, it wiping out the Stargazer unit would be contradictory to this. Instead, it appropriated various equipment to replace his own and still sought to destroy its own spacecraft. This is clearly not the actions of a hunter willing to share anything with mankind.

Something that needs to be considered is whether the hunters would consider improving our stock. As such, there is the extreme possibility that they want to add some of their DNA to ours to make us more dangerous. They might be aware of our global warming but they like our world to be hot and it would be in their interest to keep it that way, not to cool it down.

Why carry human DNA in its own body? This could be testing compatibility as well as being a suitable vessel to deliver it to the third tribe on Earth who no doubt have the means to incorporate it into humans. Always note the sparing of the life of Detective Leona Cantrell when that hunter realised that although she was armed, she was also pregnant. Although it was deemed as a desire not to kill pregnant females, it might also be seen as ensuring the human species continues.

The giant hunter seems intent in communicating directly with humans, even deciding the young autistic Rory McKenna as a future leader, based on his ability to understand the hunter’s technology and communication equipment. This would also suggest that the larger hunter’s tribe has a slightly different agenda. As to what that will be one should resist speculating until further events reveal themselves.

A recap of what we know about the predator hunters. There are at least two different tribes, most notably differentiated by their size. All are hunters. We have yet to meet their technical staff, so who makes their weapons?

A number of mercenaries and different military assassins and murderers have gone missing in recent years suggesting that as our success rate against them has improved and employing a different tactic or at least one of the tribes have. The common denomination is they are all experienced or practicing killers, a scenario that places them in the hunter category. The success rate against these missing people appears to be 100% as none of them have been seen again and no bodies have ever been found.

The increased frequency of hunter visits to the Earth is also a reflection of our increased global warming and because we are a hard prey to beat.

Although they act as tribes, they do in fact hunt solitarily. This suggests a need to prove themselves to their elders. With the combat between the two species, there is now a possibility that these safaris might have further agendas on their own planet.

One of the hunters was found to be carrying human DNA. The suggestions of them making a hybrid between us is still speculation. They might just be experimenting, especially as they were so keen to recapture or kill it. Upgrades might be pure experimentation and might not always be successful. The upgrades might be to fight amongst themselves than us.

There is an assumption that the new alien armour is for human use but that is all. Only humans would be arrogant enough to think any of the hunter tribes would want to help a prey they regularly hunt. They might be aware of the giant cybertech and want to use an advanced version of their own armour when they encounter them and need to try it out. Whether it is human or hunter inside seems immaterial.

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