The Witcher (new Netflix epic fantasy TV series: trailer).

Here’s the first trailer for season one of the new Netflix TV series, The Witcher, based on the fantasy novels of Polish SFF author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Sad to say, many fans of this won’t even know The Witcher was a series of fantasy books, first – having only heard of it from its best-selling game status.

Oh well, enjoy anyway.

Before becoming books, the Witcher short stories were published serial-fashion during the 1980s by Polish science fiction magazine Fantastyka.

They featured the adventures of a witcher, one Geralt of Rivia (played here by actor Henry Cavill of Superman fame) – a fantasy monster hunter with supernatural skills in a stock Middle-Earth-like setting of elves, humans, dwarves etc etc. Slightly darker European sensibilities than J.R.R. Tolkien, as I recall.

The Witcher (new Netflix epic fantasy TV series: trailer).


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