The Penguin Pecks Back: Colin Farrell Reprises His Role (TV series: trailer).

Oh, waddle me this, waddle me that, who’s afraid of a big, bad bat? Not Colin Farrell, that’s who! He’s slipping back into his delightfully grimy flippers to star as Gotham’s most gentlemanly gangster, Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot, aka “The Penguin”, in the new telly series that’s set to flap its way onto Max this autumn.

Now, picture this: New York City, the hustle, the bustle, and there’s our Penguin, marching through the streets (probably waddling, but who’s watching?), carving out his niche in the crime-riddled cacophony of Gotham. With an ensemble cast that includes Cristin Milioti wrestling the reins of Gotham’s underworld, this drama isn’t just a mere waddle in the park. Directed by the savvy Craig Zobel for the first trio of episodes, “The Penguin” promises a blend of awkward charm and sinister scheming. It seems Matt Reeves and his band of merry execs, including Dylan Clark and Lauren LeFranc, have spared no expense to ferry us back into the shadowy alleys of Gotham post-“The Batman”. And let’s not forget, all this hullabaloo began after Farrell’s character gave us the chills in the 2022 blockbuster.

Filming in the Big Apple had its share of drama, with production hitting a pause button thanks to that pesky Writers Guild of America strike. Yet, like any good supervillain plot, the show must go on! And it did, wrapping up in February 2024, ready to bring the chill of Gotham’s crime wave right to our screens.

What’s on the agenda for this dapper don of the deep freeze? Power struggles, a rise to infamy, and, knowing our feathered friend, plenty of fishy business. So, grab your umbrellas, folks, because when “The Penguin” waddles into town, you can bet Gotham’s going to be in for stormy weather. And who knows? With a tale this icy, viewers might just find themselves rooting for the bird of prey. After all, in a city like Gotham, it’s fly or fry!


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