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The Missy Chronicles by assorted authors (book review).

In possibly a misguided attempt to bring in the doubters, welcome to ‘The Missy Chronicles’. The loveable psychopath is a woman now and, whilst I doubt she has embraced all the ups and downs of womanhood, no one mention the menopause please, we probably haven’t has enough of the work in progress that is the new improved Master and the storytellers are old hands at this so they can spin a story pretty well.

There are six stories so this is a fairly quick read. Maybe you might have a spare afternoon to take a trip around the universe.

Dismemberment by James Goss

Life can be tough being a woman and the Master finds, although she’s moved with the times, his private members club hasn’t. Still, revenge is so sweet and best served as often as possible. Enjoy being as cruel as the Missy for a few pages. Mr. Goss makes a meal of this with relish.

Lords And Masters by Cavan Scott

Changing your outfit and your sex is a clever way to evade the Time Lords, except there is absolutely no point. Missy is sent on a Missy-ion and she’s not happy. She even has a companion and that never ends well.

Teddy Sparkles Must Die! By Paul Magrs

The nanny is the best they ever had but she’s quite secretive. The children decide to investigate and that’s when they meet Teddy Sparkles, the magical bear. The fun starts and so does the danger. That’s why Teddy Sparkles must die!

The Liar, The Glitch And The Warzone by Peter Anghelides

Stuck in the tourist Mecca of Venice, Missy just needs a little help to get her TARDIS working again. She’s not fussy if she has to destroy the whole town to do it.

Girl Power by Jacqueline Rayner

Finally, a story by an actual woman. This shopping list of a story ticks all the boxes and gets to the hearts of a woman who wants to rule the universe and have perfectly styled hair. Featuring cameos by Nardole, the Doctor and a certain parcel delivery company.

Alit In Underland by Richard Dinnick

Miss-chief and the man formerly known as the Master take centre stage as they explore the Mondas Colony Ship. On the run from the Cybermen, thanks to the Doctor removing the whole head of Cybermen thing, the Miss/Master combo end up taking a human child from the homestead with them down the rabbit hole.

This a road trip in which our him/her find themselves. The Master can’t see himself going girl as they’ve previously disappointed him and Missy admits to having watched ‘Frozen’ with the Doctor. Everyone’s looking for a way out. Just follow the yellowy road.

This is a great collection of stories just in case Missy doesn’t return. It’s been fun and games and then someone lost an eye. The writers have really enjoyed putting a new twist on an old enemy and there is always a fund of stories from these talented people waiting to be spilled out.

It’s no surprise that we actually revel in the wrong doings of Missy. There is a little spark of light in there not previously seen in the Master. Admittedly, it’s not the brightest of glows, but the Doctor has high hopes. I wonder what will happen if the girls get together in the next series? I’m not sure they will share make-up tips but the dynamic has potential. I really enjoyed the girl power in these well-constructed stories and I hope there is a volume two. If not it might be a Missyed opportunity.

Sue Davies

February 2018

(pub: BBC Books/Penguin Random House. 218 page small hardback. Price: £ 9.99 (UK), $14.99 (US), $21.99 (CAN). ISBN: 978-1-78594-323-2)

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