The Man In The High Castle (season 3 trailer).

Season three of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle TV series on Prime finds Juliana Crain (actor Alexa Davalos) grappling with her destiny after seeking safety in the Neutral Zone.

Realizing that their fates are intertwined, she works with Trade Minister Tagomi (actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) to interpret the mystery of the last remaining films.

The Man In The High Castle (season 3 trailer).
The Man In The High Castle (season 3 trailer).

Meanwhile, as tensions between the Reich and the Empire continue to rise, Joe Blake (actor Luke Kleintank) returns from Berlin and is sent on a diplomatic mission to San Francisco, where he and Juliana reunite and come to a turning point in their relationship.

Also in the new season, Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith (Rufus Sewell) finds himself celebrated by Nazi high society, but political forces are closing in as North American Reischsmarschall Lincoln Rockwell and J. Edgar Hoover plot against him.

Helen (Chelah Horsdal) takes drastic action to protect her family while they struggle with the aftermath of Thomas’ death, and Smith learns of a shocking and ambitious new parallel reality-hopping Nazi program that has personal and global ramifications.


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