The Entropy Conflict by David Conyers (book review).

An interesting collection of five short stories, this is a presentation of Australian author David Conyers’ new and recent work, ‘The Entropy Conflict’. The stories may be imaginative and inventive but they are not carried away in mindless fantasy. He has a good ability to imagine settings far away in the galaxy that are also close to home, where the people are real characters just like the rest of us here on this planet. Down to Earth and up in the heavens at the same time! Well written, believable and concise, they are a reflection of the human spirit.


The most recent story, ‘The Entropy Conflict’, takes us to a planet billions of light years away and far removed in time, accessible only by a wormhole. Humans have attempted to colonise the planet at the end of the wormhole only to discover an enemy that apparently cannot be killed. Donna Kettner is part of the military trying in vain to combat a deadly foe that seems to come alive after they are shot dead. An excellent story!

We’ve also got ‘Emergency Rebuild’ about a crash landing on the planet Mars. A seriously injured man tries to survive with the help of robotic medics but he is also concerned about his wife lying in the frozen silence nearby. Would he survive?

In a mixed-up conflict in South America involving politics, multi-national companies, terrorists and freedom fighters, a woman tries to find the answers behind her brother’s death, only to discover a very complex situation. ‘Soft Viscosity’ is the story of her struggle and that of others involved in a deadly drama taking place in the jungle.

The crazy world of advertising dominates the lives of everyone in ‘The Advertising Imperative’. When reading this story you may think this scenario is ridiculous but on closer inspection, looking at our own lives, maybe it’s not so far removed from our near future. Rather chilling!

Finally, ‘Three Shots’ is an extrapolation of the corporate world in big business. It’s a rat race supreme where to be successful you have to be ruthless. Who are your enemies and who are your friends? Sink or swim? Rise or fall? Who are the people at the bottom?

It’s good to see that women feature as the main characters in four of the stories. What makes this fiction stand out is the quality of the writing. He’s good at scenarios, characters, plot and dialogue and by reading this collection for a modest price you be well rewarded.

Rod MacDonald

(pub: Kindle. 110 page e-book. Price: £0.77 (UK). ASIN: B00CWXZ418)
check out websites: www.david-conyers.com and http://http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Entropy-Conflict-ebook/dp/B00CWXZ418/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1370685394&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Entropy+Conflict

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