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Doctor Who: The Androids Of Tara by David Fisher

‘The Androids Of Tara’ has been completely re-written into novelised form for this special release of the audio book, the original one was written by Terrance Dicks.

In a very obvious re-write of ‘The Prisoner Of Zenda’, this adventure is part of ‘The Key To Time’ series that involved the Fourth Doctor and Romana chasing across the galaxy to reconstitute the segments of the key to time before something terrible happens to the said time-space thingummy. In other words, it’s a plot with a plot and as such ‘The Key To Time’ segment is merely a pretext for landing on Tara and finding said segment.

The Androids of Tara by David Fisher.

As the Doctor, Romana and K9 arrive on Tara, it seems like a simple task. Letting Romana go off with the segment locator, the Doctor settles down for some fishing. While Romana gets kidnapped by the evil Count Grendel of Gracht, the Doctor is ‘persuaded to mend an android who resembles the Crown Prince Reynart. The Duke has also kidnapped the Crown Prince and if he doesn’t turn up for his coronation at the correct time, he will forfeit the throne.

It’s a pleasant amble through a leisurely plot and is well narrated by the voice talented John Leeson the hitherto voice of K9. It is quite a change for him to get to do all the characters. I’m not sure I could stand the pace of the TV version now but I enjoyed this even though it’s hefty at 3.7 hours.

Sue Davies

September 2012



(pub: Audio Go/BBC. CD 228 minute story. Price: CD: £ 9.49 (UK), Download: £ 9.89 (UK). ISBN: 978-144588-628-2)

read by: John Leeson

check out website: www.audiogo.co.uk

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