Dark Shadows: Speak No Evil.

Tad Collins is a bad lot, a womaniser and a drunk. Still, he’s had a rough life with the strange family of Collins who occupy the big house at Collinsport. Tad Collins is a lonely and bitter man and the chance encounter with a beautiful tattooed lady at the carnival leads on to yet another tragedy for the family In Speak No Evil, Marie is accompanied by a mute clown, Benjie, who Tad subsequently discovers burgling the Collins house. Aware something precious might have been stolen, he recruits the reluctant Marie and they find much more than they could have anticipated.

As they seek to uncover the mystery the unlikely pair develop a mutual respect and overcome initial loathing but its going to be a long dark night. Speak No Evil features velvet-voiced Arthur Darvill (Rory from TV’s Doctor Who) and Katherine Mangold both out in an excellent performance as they spin out this rather spooky and unnerving story. Its roots are in different ghost stories but works well as a spine-tingler with memories of ghastly clowns including the one from Stephen King’s ‘It’ coming to mind. The sound design and music behind this is also beautifully done by David Darlington.

Speak No Evil.
Speak No Evil.

With darkness all around don’t expect to feel any lightness at the end; this is one for the campfire. Toast me a marshmallow and pass me the teddy bear. I’m spooked enough for Halloween.

Writer and director of Speak No Evil, Scott Handcock is behind the new supernatural stories of ‘The Confessions of Dorian Gray’, also to be released by Big Finish. The cover of the CD, designed by Lee Binding is very attractive. If Big Finish ever decides to go into posters, this is definitely a candidate.

Sue Davies

Big Finish Audio book. CD £9.99. Download £7.99. Written and directed By: Scott Handcock. Cast Arthur Darvill (Tad Collins), Katharine Mangold (Marie Olson), Antonio Rastelli (Benji).

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