Stranger Fillings by The Muffin Brothers (book review).

I hope you appreciate the effort your reviewer has gone to by watching two seasons of ‘Stranger Things’ simply to understand the recipes made available in this book. I can tell you do.

The Muffin Brothers have produced a book for the themed party and, although I’ll probably never cook the recipes, I’m grateful for the chance to get hooked on ‘Stranger Things’.

This is a niche book because you have to have seen the show to understand the creative creations here displayed. They are cleverly designed and much work has gone into design and explaining the method.

For most of the recipes, you have to be reasonably competent in the kitchen and, as you are supposed to be over thirteen to watch ‘Stranger Things’, hopefully you can set to and produce the amazing displays.

There are additional photos of the process so you can see you are heading in the right direction. For example, ‘Bab’s Mystery Dip’ breaks down into easy stages and is basically jello or jelly, depending on where you are from. It looks impressive, though, and you’d get some serious kudos for producing this.

If you make the ‘Demogorgonzola Tartlets’, you will never either look at or eat a fig again. Just saying. ‘Joyce’s Close Call’ features both biscuit and cake and a close encounter for Joyce which I can’t talk about as I’ve already spoiled the series for my son. It’s a perfect birthday cake for your ST nerd of whatever age.

Another good one is ‘The Upside Down Cake’ which does look at both sides now. Supported by four pillars, it is decorated on the ne’er side as well which may be achievable in zero gravity.

There are nice little touches in the recipe guidance with reference to events and spooky moments in the series. It retains a sense of fun and putting any of these recipes together which give you a sense of ‘Bake Off’ achievement. A lot of work has gone into the detail and it’s a fine tribute to a quirky and now it’s seems super popular series.

Watch the series, eat the eggos and have fun with cooking the recipes in this book.

Sue Davies

April 2018

(pub: Trapeze, Orion, 2017. 128 page hardback. Price: £ 9.99 (UK). ISBN: 978-1-40917-335-9)

check out website: www.orionbooks.co.uk

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