Shaft (2019) (Reboot with Samuel L. Jackson).

Here’s the trailer for the Shaft movie reboot with Samuel L. Jackson inhabiting the titular role he was surely born to play.

This one reminds me of Life on Mars and its sequel, Ashes to Ashes, in that the very un-PC and unreconstructed Shaft (think Gene Hunt) is paired with his FBI agent son (think Detective Sam Tyler: “Splutter: You can’t say/do that!”).

During their dangerous adventures in Harlem, the Father and Son pair also bring their grandfather out of retirement – the equally risque first generation John Shaft (played by Richard Roundtree).

This film looks like a real joy. In fact, a real motherf – cue theme song.

Shaft (2019) (Reboot with Samuel L. Jackson).
Shaft (2019) (Reboot with Samuel L. Jackson).


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