Science fiction authors offer free books to ease self-isolation woes (news).

Well, the sun is shining, the day is beautiful, and – probably – like you, I’m experiencing a little more staying-at-home than even a geeky self-employed author with a home office and passion for the noble pursuits of genre TV, reading, model kit making, and computer games is comfortable with!

I’ll forgo swapping pandemic stories for this blog post, but heck, if Cabin Fever is the worst thing we catch this year, we’re all good, right?

As many authors are now doing, I’m offering free books as about the only useful thing I can contribute to your life.

You can now download the first three books in the ‘Sliding Void’ series free for any reading device via,

Sliding Void (book 1):

Transference Station (book 2):

Red Sun Bleeding (book 3):

There’s now a list of SFF writers doing the same over at

Stay healthy and positive, my friends.


PS – you can also get the Kindle reading app, gratis, for any device from a phone to a PC/Mac over at in the UK or in the USA, if you don’t have a hardware reader..

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