Royal Pharmaceutical Society begs incompetent Conservative government to let the small ships sail to rescue COVID vaccine delivery (science news).

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The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has released an unprecedented statement begging the incompetent British Conservative government to let the small ships sail to rescue Covid vaccine delivery, rather than allowing the centralised over-bureaucratic mess of Public Health England and the NHS to botch things up again, a la their inferior ‘Test and Trace’ programme fiasco.

So far, only 1.3 million people in Britain have been vaccinated since the programme launched a month ago, compared to Israel where 15 per cent of the country’s entire population have been vaccinated in two weeks.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society President Sandra Gidley spoke to Radio 4’s Today programme, stressing that pharmacists are experienced vaccinators who can help accelerate the delivery jabs to priority groups.

The RPS went on to release this official statement…

The distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccination programme will require concerted action across the NHS. With unique insight and expertise in medicines and the delivery of vaccination programmes, pharmacists have a clear role in contributing to the success of this programme. This includes strategic planning, oversight of distribution arrangements, and operational roles in the preparation and administration of COVID-19 vaccines.

Delivering a vaccination programme which incorporates pharmacist expertise will be an effective approach to the COVID-19 crisis. The mobilisation of the profession in the COVID-19 vaccination programme must be undertaken in a way which not only makes the best use of their skills but does not unduly impact on the health and wellbeing of the profession and its capacity to deliver routine care and services.

We fully support a programme where the appropriate resources, infrastructure, procedures and support are put in place. The pharmacy profession must be able to contribute to a COVID-19 vaccination programme that:

• Draws on the appropriate expertise and leadership of pharmacists from all sectors of the NHS.
• Utilises the knowledge and skills of pharmacists in helping citizens understand the way the vaccine works and what to expect when they have it.
• Fosters collaboration with other health professionals at strategic and operational levels.
• Minimises disruption to routine practice and business as usual in all sectors.
• Utilises the skills of all pharmacists as part of a networked approach, as appropriate.
• Supports community pharmacies to engage in the vaccine programme.
• Ensure processes are in place to clarify the parameters of the role of the pharmacist.
• Ensures pharmacists undertake appropriate training and have access to up to date information about the specifications of all COVID-19 vaccines.
• Invests responsibility in the pharmacy profession to advise clinical colleagues about the vaccine and provide high quality information to the general public to maximise uptake of the vaccine.
• Is underpinned by adequate human and financial resources on par with the support provided to other healthcare professions to allow pharmacists to undertake their roles without compromising patient care or their own wellbeing.
• Guarantees the supply of clinical consumables for appropriate vaccination use.

The safety of pharmacists, their teams and patients must be paramount and must be assured through sustaining COVID-safe environments. Access to priority vaccination is essential for front line pharmacy staff in community, primary care and hospitals at the same time as other professionals who have an equivalent level of potential COVID-19 exposure. The provision of appropriate levels of personal protective equipment to cope with demand must also continue without question.

Royal Pharmaceutical Society begs incompetent Conservative government to let the small ships sail to rescue COVID vaccine delivery (science news).

Lie down and wait for a COVID vaccine, dear.

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  1. Ricky Rouse says:

    WTF has this to do with sci-fi or fantasy? Seems to me like someone’s got a political axe to grind. Or maybe they’re just looking for a way to get a slice of the (lucrative?) pie for pharmacists?

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