Rogue Trooper marches onto movie screens: a 2000AD hero’s new battlefront (news).

Some news just in for science fiction enthusiasts and nostalgic comic-book fans alike, the gritty world of Rogue Trooper is set to invade cinema screens. This move, first reported exclusively by Variety magazine yesterday, will see the UK comic-book strip from 2000AD transform into a film.

The star-studded cast includes Aneurin Barnard, Hayley Atwell, and Jack Lowden, directed by Duncan Jones, known for his works like Moon and Source Code. The show, an animated spectacle, is leveraging the power of Epic’s Unreal Engine 5, promising a “visually stunning experience.”

Rogue Trooper, backed by Rebellion and Liberty Films, has already completed principal photography at Rebellion Film Studios in the UK and is expected to hit the screens next year. Barnard, of “The Goldfinch” and “Dunkirk” fame, stars as the titular Rogue Trooper. The cast is further bolstered by Atwell, known for “Captain America: The First Avenger,” Lowden from “Slow Horses,” and other stars like Daryl McCormack and Reece Shearsmith. The series also features Jemaine Clement, Matt Berry, Diane Morgan, Alice Lowe, Asa Butterfield, and the legendary Sean Bean. It’s a lineup that reads like a who’s who of contemporary cinema and television, offering a mix of established names and rising stars.

Rogue Trooper narrates the tale of a synthetic cloned “Genetic Infantryman,” codenamed 19, who survives an invasion and is driven to uncover the identity of the traitor responsible for his unit’s destruction. Accompanied by his fallen comrades, whose personalities are stored in his equipment, Rogue’s journey is one of vengeance and discovery. The comic was originally created by artist Dave Gibbons (“Watchmen,” “Kingsman”) and writer Gerry Finley-Day (“Dan Dare”). It’s a story that combines the grit of warfare with the intrigue of science fiction. Duncan Jones expressed his enthusiasm, noting, “2000 AD offers a very different flavor of comic action: Political and brutal at times, but always with a Pythonesque twinkle in the eye.”

Producer Stuart Fenegan remarked on the advancements in Unreal Engine 5 and MetaHuman rigs that make high-standard animation achievable within an indie budget. This technological leap is set to revolutionize the way animated films are produced, particularly for independent studios.

Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, highlighted the unique position of “Rogue Trooper” within the entertainment industry. It’s a cross-pollination of storytelling from the iconic 2000 AD comic universe with cutting-edge production technology from the video game industry.


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