Last Journey of Paul W.R (science fiction film: trailer).

Looks like someone has rewrapped the 2020 French science fiction film Le Dernier Voyage de Paul WR as Last Journey of Paul W.R starring Jean Reno, for the English audience.

In the odd movie, our planet’s temperature has just risen to unprecedented, intolerable levels. While the world’s oil, coal, and gas sources are running out, the majority of animal species have gone extinct and hundreds of millions of people have become climate refugees. A new planet has just made its appearance in the sky.

To reach it and extract the mineral Lumina, mankind had gone to considerable lengths. All other forms of energy on Earth have been superseded by thishyper-energetic element. Only one hero can rescue the world since said alien planet is now headed straight for Earth. He’s Paul WR. Said astronaut, however, vanished into thin air a few hours before the commencement of the rescue operation.

Paul has the ability to understand the thoughts of everyone around him due to an accident, and despite the impending ecological disaster, he has reasons for not wanting the Earth to be destroyed. As he crosses Elma’s path, the youngster with the explosive temper joins Paul as they travel across the wasteland that has become France.

The film is French, which is to say, it’s blooming bonkers – but, possibly in a good way.

Last Journey of Paul W.R (science fiction film: trailer).
Last Journey of Paul W.R (science fiction film: trailer).


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