Judy & Punch: a film review by Mark Kermode.

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Our man-of-many-movies, Mark Kermode, sits down to review the Judy & Punch film, a dark fantasy re-imagining of the Punch & Judy story which was directed by Mirrah Foulkes.

Here’s the flick’s blurb …

Judy and Punch are puppeteers in the town of Seaside, England who, alongside their baby daughter, are attempting to bring their marionette show back into the public eye. Judy wins the crowd with her puppetry but Punch suffers from a drinking problem which ends up with Judy being beaten near to death after an argument regarding their missing child. Thought dead and abandoned by Punch with his crime covered up, Judy seeks vengeance against her former husband and the whereabouts of their daughter with the help of a nihilistic cult of children.

Judy & Punch reviewed by Mark Kermode

Judy & Punch reviewed by Mark Kermode


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