Jessica Jones season II (trailer).

Jessica Jones is back on the gum-shoe trail in NY, this time trying to hunt down the deadly secrets behind her own origins story. Who would want to kidnap and experiment on a young survivor of a car crash? I’m guessing it’s the Hand – they’ve got form for this kind of do-do.

Has anyone else noticed that Amazon Prime has basically given up launching original decent content, while Netflix seems to be streaming out this stuff like a chain-fed Gatling Gun? Sorry, Jeff B., think my Prime Membership might be for the chop next renewal. I don’t even have time to consume everything on Netflix, let along peruse the Z-list crap-bin video shop analogue that you’re letting the big A. become.

Jessica Jones’ second season is beaming down onto Netflix Thursday March 8th 2018.

Jessica Jones season II (trailer).
Jessica Jones season II (trailer).


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