Jessica Jones: meet Krysten Ritter (interview: video).

In this episode of the ‘Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum’ podcast, the talented Krysten Ritter joins Michael to discuss her acting journey, from her early days in the modeling industry to her most iconic roles in shows like Jessica Jones and Breaking Bad. Krysten reveals how she finds the subtext in her characters and why she feels most like herself when the cameras are rolling. However, she also shares her struggles with anxiety amidst the pressure, publicity, and politics behind the scenes.

During the conversation, Krysten opens up about her experience on the set of Breaking Bad, where she recalls shooting one of the most gut-wrenching scenes ever seen on TV. She also talks about the unique experience of working on the quirky and beloved show, ‘Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23.’

As Michael and Krysten explore the highs and lows of her career, she offers insights into her time as a teenage model, dealing with rejection, and her admiration for co-star David Tennant. They also discuss the future of Jessica Jones and her recent work on Nightbooks.

In a world where we’re desperately short on superhero content (insert eye roll here), Marvel brought us the absolutely necessary Jessica Jones. Created by Melissa Rosenberg for the streaming giant Netflix, it followed the riveting adventures of the titular character from Marvel Comics. Did we mention it’s set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? Because, you know, that’s a rarity.

As the second Marvel Netflix series that eventually led to the crossover miniseries The Defenders, Jessica Jones was produced by Marvel Television, ABC Studios, and the aptly named Tall Girls Productions. Rosenberg served as the showrunner, with Scott Reynolds joining as co-showrunner for the third season.

Krysten Ritter stars as the eponymous Jessica Jones, an ex-superhero (shocker!) turned private investigator who opens her own detective agency, Alias Investigations. Alongside her, we have Rachael Taylor, Eka Darville, and Carrie-Anne Moss, with a rotating cast of additional members joining in each season.

After a failed attempt to get the series on ABC in 2010, Rosenberg managed to rework it for Netflix by late 2013 under the title A.K.A. Jessica Jones. In a moment of unparalleled genius, the title was later simplified to Jessica Jones. Ritter was cast in the role in December 2014, and the series took “specific influence” from the character’s creators, Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. Filming took place in New York City, in areas that still resemble the old Hell’s Kitchen – because what better place for a superhero, right?

The first season dropped on Netflix in November 2015, followed by the second in March 2018, and the third in June 2019. Shockingly, the series received positive reviews and accolades including a Peabody Award, Hugo Award, and Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award. Alas, Netflix canceled Jessica Jones in February 2019, and all Marvel Netflix series were removed in 2022 when Disney reclaimed the rights. But fear not, dear fans, Disney+ began streaming them from March 16.

The plot follows Jessica Jones as she deals with her traumatic past, confronts the villainous Kilgrave, discovers her mother is still alive (surprise!), and faces off against enemies like Gregory Sallinger and her own adoptive sister, Trish Walker. It’s a roller coaster of emotions, folks.

Ritter played the “rough around the edges” and “sarcastic” Jessica Jones, who despite her flaws, is ultimately a good person (how refreshing). To prepare for the role, Ritter put on 10 pounds of muscle – a feat that surely deserves a standing ovation.

In conclusion, if you’re yearning for yet another superhero series that covers groundbreaking new territory (not), Jessica Jones has got you covered. After all, who doesn’t need more Marvel in their lives?

Jessica Jones: meet Krysten Ritter (interview: video).
Jessica Jones: meet Krysten Ritter (interview: video).

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