Jack Vance passes away.

Fantasy and science fiction author Jack Vance has passed away. We’ve just heard the news via the blog of writer Stephen Hunt, but it looks like Jack has been gone a few days. A great author with a marvelous body of work behind him.

He was born John Holbrook Vance, but most of his work was published under the name Jack Vance. He also wrote 11 mystery novels as John Holbrook Vance and three as Ellery Queen, and once each used pseudonyms Alan Wade, Peter Held, John van See, and Jay Kavanse. He amazingly made his debut in print with “The World-Thinker” published in 1945 in Thrilling Wonder Stories. His Dying Earth books created a whole sub-genre of their own.

He’ll be missed.

Jack Vance passes away.
Jack Vance passes away.


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