Iron Harvest steampunk/dieselpunk strategy game gets an American-themed expansion – Operation Eagle (game news).

If you like your real-time strategy games with a dieselpunk and steampunk twist, then you are going to like the new Operation Eagle DLC to expand your Iron Harvest RTS into a parallel reality where the USA is now involved in the great punch-up with steam-driven robots and diesel-punk killing machines.

Relying heavily on mighty “Diesel Birds” – or as we like to call them steam-driven warship zeppelins, the Usonia faction brings more variety to the Iron Harvest battlefields. Additional new buildings and new units for all factions will enhance the Iron Harvest roster.

The American Union of Usonia stayed out of the Great War and became an economic and military powerhouse, unnoticed by Europe’s old elites. Stars, Stripes, and giant Dieselpunk Zeppelins? Hey, you had me at zeppelins!

The expansion pack gives you, in full,

The new Usonia Faction with over 20 new units; The Usonia Campaign (Singleplayer & Coop); Three new playable heroes; New playable allies from a yet to be revealed secret faction; New flying units for all factions; New structures and anti-air defences for all factions; New Multiplayer Maps.

You can currently play the full game without the expansion pack for free on Steam until May 3, 2021 – from the developer King Art Games.

Iron Harvest steampunk/dieselpunk strategy game gets a American-themed expansion – Operation Eagle (game news).
Another fine dieselpunk harvest!


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