Highlander: does it really need a remake? (video)

Highlander, the classic 1986 scifi-fantasy adventure about immortals duelling across the ages (the film starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery), is now getting a modern remake/reboot/refresh thanks to Lionsgate, with Henry Cavill in the lead role.

Luckily, the grumpiest Scotsman we know (that’s a rather crowded field), aka the Critical Drinker, is on hand to drown this concept in a bath of sour vodka before it runs too far down the street without its pants.

Highlander remake by Lionsgate
Remake Highlander, laddie, and I’ll chop your immortal head off.

One thought on “Highlander: does it really need a remake? (video)

  • NO way, they’d turn it into a nightmare with their zero sense of honor these days.


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