Good Omens: The Soundtrack by David Arnold (soundtrack CD review).

The recent showing of the TV adaptation of ‘Good Omens’ by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett adapted by Gaiman confirmed that they have a unique storytelling talent. The evident whimsy and the relish for a tale that teaches without preaching is proof indeed of God’s ineffable plan.

We are also blessed with a soundtrack that will eat at your brain as you play it on repeat. The angels, Crawley(fallen) and Aziraphale(not fallen), will never leave you as one will sit on each shoulder but who’s to say who will induce you to eat a cream cake. For the younger reader, that’s a 1970s ad campaign.

‘Good Omens’ was originally derived from a joke that no matter what you may have purchased as in car entertainment you would always end up with ‘Queen Greatest Hits’. This soundtrack is all original music, though, but who can say whether it will morph into ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in six months.

There are 30 tracks on the CD of varying lengths. There are many tracks that include choral additions to the music. It also includes Tori Amos singing ‘A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square’ notable for the line that ‘there were angels dining at the Ritz’. This is the coda to the series and will make you long for afternoon tea in that fine establishment.

Designed to be complimentary to the series, this soundtrack does very well in creating a life of its own. The central theme based on the individual characters of Crawley and Aziraphale dominates throughout but manages to reinvent itself for every occasion.

You don’t need to have seen the series to enjoy this as a standalone piece. I’ve listened to it a lot and although there are certain scenes that pop into your mind, such as the chattering nuns (the best kind), it holds its own as something to listen when you need a break from reality. I had these CDs in my car but I don’t use that much at the moment…and I’m reminded of the scene where Crawley drives out of London in a burning car whilst fervently holding fast to the belief it’s not burning, pretty much the world now.

A few months ago it was hard to imagine a near-apocalypse unless you were a fan of ‘Buffy’ or ‘Good Omens’. Now it’s harder not to. This one of a cliff-edge escape from near-Armageddon will currently feel like light relief and, of course, Death has all the best jokes. The music soundtrack track is a jolly romp to remind you of life’s pleasures.

So much happens within the six episodes and when you read the list of tracks, it’s clear how much plot is crammed in. There are two discs included here with a nice little booklet with photos and an introduction by Neil Gaiman, who survives the late lamented Terry Pratchett and was able to bring the series to our screens where it can currently be enjoyed on BBC IPlayer and Amazon Prime.

Sue Davies

May 2020

(pub: Silva Screen Records 2 CDs: # 1: 32 tracks. # 2: 30 tracks. Price: £12.99 (UK). ASIN: B07SVF2N32)

check out website: www.silvascreen.com/

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