Free Marvel and DC comics for the next 12 days – Marvel – and until June for DC! (news)

Marvel and DC comics have finally jumped on the pandemic freebie bandwagon, and decided to allow all you bods staying safe out there in your homes to avail yourself of a free selection of titles from their monstrously large back catalogue of comic-books, and you don’t even have to leave your quarters to do so, as this is all made free via their digital platforms … all you need is a PC/Mac, iPhone/iPad, or any Android device.

You can head to Marvel Unlimited at – then select a comic and select ‘Read now’, or alternatively, download the free Marvel Unlimited app at the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android (either or, and after you’ve opened the app, you’ll find a crimson-coloured ‘Free Comics’ button on the landing page – this button brings you all their free comic books to get stuck into.

For DC Comics, get yourself over to and and sign-in with either an existing Amazon or Comixology account, then ‘purchase’ any free comic-book with a price of 0.00.

Alternatively, download the free DC app over at and – then sign in and click the ‘free’ section to read all the freebies.

Marvel’s free offer is good until 4th May 2020, and the DC free offer is good until the 8th June.

Some of the titles to read for nothing include Avengers vs X-Men, Civil War, Amazing Spider-Man: Red Goblin, Justice League, Black Panther vol. 1, Thanos Wins, X-Men Milestones: Dark Phoenix saga, Avengers: Kree/Skrull war, All Star Superman, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, The Flash, Fantastic Four Vol 1: Fourever, Captain America: Winter soldier ultimate, Captain Marvel Vol 1: Higher, further, faster, Wonder Woman,

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