Fortress: Bruce Willis spy-fy movie (trailer) (think Die Hard inside a survivalist compound).

In Fortress, Bruce Willis portrays Robert, a former CIA agent hiding in a hidden survivalist bunker in the woods, in this near-future action spy-fy cyber-thriller.

Robert’s estranged son pays a visit to the camp one day, but he’s followed by evil terrorist Balzary (Chad Michael Murra), an old foe.

As Balzary’s assault team closes in on the property, father and son flee to the old man’s high-tech bunker. Are its superior weaponry and steel walls strong enough to withstand Balzary’s savage intentions for vengeance?

What the attackers don’t realise is that the compound is basically a slightly more Libertarian and survivalist version of The Village from The Prisoner. Taking on a bunch of retired Black-Ops types? What could go wrong?

The film will be released in theatres on December 17th, 2021.

Fortress: Bruce Willis movie (trailer) (think Die Hard inside a survivalist compound).
No man is a Fortress?

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