Eternals: Marvel superhero movie (first trailer).

Here’s the first trailer for the new Marvel film, the Eternals – about a bunch of Asgardian-like super-beings (created by higher gods called the Celestials) who must re-unite after being in hiding on Earth for thousands of years, to protect Earth from the Deviants – a bunch of mutated proto-humans with destabilised DNA, created by the same source as the Eternals.

It stars a wide ensemble cast including Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh, Don Lee, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, and Barry Keoghan.

You can tell this was created during the Peak Hippy era by Jack Kirby as the MCU’s own parallel Greek mythology.

What will it be like in a film? Not terribly seat-filling in cinemas, we suspect, although we remain open to the possibility of better things.

Eternals: Marvel superhero movie (first trailer).
Eternals: Marvel superhero movie (first trailer).


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