Episode 2 of ‘Doctor Who: Infinity ‘revealed to be The ‘Orphans Of The Polyoptra’ by Laurence Boyce (news item).

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Those who have played the game ‘Doctor Who: Legacy’ will know how seriously game publishers Tiny Rebel Games take their work in regards to the good Time Lord. While ostensibly a ‘Match 3’ game, the stuff of many a puzzle game online, it’s strength was not only creating a narrative that brought in every era of ‘Doctor Who’ but bringing in a myriad of characters both famous and obscure while bringing in many of the show’s stars to show their support

Now Tiny Rebel Games are looking at releasing a new game entitled ‘Doctor Who: Infinity’, which promises to bring even more new content to the world of the Doctor. The game will introduce an innovative new platform for the delivery of episodic, comicbook-style game adventures. Each story is being crafted as a collaboration between Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio, along with a broad team of UK-based talent including well known ‘Doctor Who’ actors, writers and artists. Cardiff-based award-winning audio designer and composer Stafford Bawler is providing audio direction. The multi-story game is packed with engaging, original ‘Doctor Who’ stories for players to play through and enjoy and each adventure features its own unique art style and author.

‘Doctor Who: Infinity’s second story, ‘The Orphans Of The Polyoptra’ is being written by Gary Russell, writer for the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series, novels and ‘Doctor Who Magazine’. The game’s art has been drawn by David Roach, noted inker of comic strips for ‘Doctor Who Magazine’ and coloured by Dylan Teague, a noted comics artist and colourist for ‘Doctor Who Magazine’, DC Comics and others. The story is narrated by actor Katy Manning, who returns as Jo Grant and also voices the enemy.

You can see the trailer here:


Previously announced, ‘The Dalek Invasion Of Time’ will be the first episode on the ‘Doctor Who: Infinity’ platform. It is being written by George Mann, the critically-acclaimed author and screenwriter, including many ‘Doctor Who’ stories; drawn by acclaimed artist and writer Mike Collins, known worldwide for his history of work with ‘Doctor Who’ and other major comic properties; and coloured by Kris Carter, who has a long history of working with properties such as ‘Shrek’, ‘Torchwood’ and ‘Doctor Who’, among many others. The game is being narrated by actors Michelle Gomez, who reprises her TV series role as Missy; Ingrid Oliver, who reprises her TV series role as Osgood and Bella Ramsey, from ‘The Worse Witch TV series, who voices a new villain character Freya in the game.

‘Doctor Who: Infinity’ is being published and developed by Tiny Rebel Games in collaboration with Seed Studios and is under official license from BBC Studios. The new game is being funded as a joint effort between the Welsh Government’s Media Investment Budget and British game publisher/developer Double Eleven Limited.


You can also wish list the game on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/725370/Doctor_Who_Infinity/

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May 2018


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