Dune movie release delayed for a year to October 2021 (news).

Is that the sound of an ornithopter crashing, or, maybe just the sound of a thousand cinemas crashing and burning as their doors slam shut?

Yes, the very sad news arrives that the Dune movie from Denis Villeneuve which was meant to release this Christmas 2020 has now been pandemic’d out of the schedule and shifted an entire flipping year into the future – to October 1st 2021.

Variety magazine broke the sad news today, and it was confirmed by a lot of the other trade magazines at the same time.

Oh well, I was really looking forward to watching this. It is one of the few movies that I would actually bother to spend my hard-earned dosh on as well as going through the rigmarole of wearing a mask in the company of a couple of hundred coughing strangers for a few hours.

I guess that pleasure will be delayed until next Christmas now. Roll on a blooming vaccine, is what I say.

Along with the new James Bond movie and all the Marvel films being pushed back till more or less the same time next year, the more interesting question is how many cinemas will still be around in the ashes of our economic devastation to host Hollywood’s latest offerings?

Dune movie release delayed for a year to October 2021 (news).
Dune movie: cast and director interview (video).


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