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Doctor Who… all change, as Peter Capaldi steps into the TARDIS.

It looks like the bookies – who suspended betting yesterday on rumors that actor Peter Capaldi (aka foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker) would be the Doctor – have been proved correct, as the BBC have just announced that Peter will be stepping into the Timelord’s boots… the 12th Doctor.

On the live TV show to announce his appointment to the role, he told the viewers, “It’s so wonderful not to keep this secret any longer. For a while I couldn’t tell my daughter. She was reading the rumours on the internet and getting upset that they weren’t mentioning me. I kept saying “Rise above it, rise above it.”

Doctor Who... all change, as Peter Capaldi steps into the TARDIS.
Doctor Who… all change, as Peter Capaldi steps into the TARDIS.

Peter is a bit of a switch after the youthful Smith, and brings a dollop of age and gravitas to the proceedings. He’s an old hand, having appeared in everything from the movie Local Hero to our favourite potty-mouthed Spin Doctor, Malcolm Tucker, in TV show The Thick of It, as well recently as a ‘real’ World Health Organisation doctor in the film World War Z. He also appeared as the Roman householder Caecilius in the fourth series second episode, The Fires of Pompeii, where his family was saved from fiery volcano aliens and the eruption by the Doctor’s intervention.

Capaldi’s a long-time Dr Who fan, it seems, and we look forward to a darker series of episodes, foreshadowed by John Hurt’s surprise appearance as the Timelord.


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