Disenchantment’s penultimate disentanglement (fantasy TV series: trailer).

Well, my fantasy and scifi-loving lovelies, let me put the Nest’s literary musings on the back burner for a moment to delve into the TV realm. Our favorite not-quite-right medieval trio has gone through, well, a veritable buffet of misadventures. But as the upcoming (and, I’ve been reliably informed, final) 5th installment of “Disenchantment” awaits, let’s take a saunter down the twisty lanes of Dreamland’s fourth season.

I suppose Dreamland is to fantasy what Spinal Tap is to rock and roll – somewhat absurd, not quite right, and absolutely impossible to resist.

We found Bean, the most un-princess-like princess we’ve ever had the misfortune (or fortune, it’s really a toss-up) to meet, embroiled in Hell’s politics. Honestly, I never thought I’d say this, but getting betrothed to Satan feels very on-brand for Bean. And oh, Luci? That mischievous, often mistaken for a cat, demon? Stuck in Heaven. The irony was so delicious, I might’ve developed cavities.

However, from the belly of hell to the steamy tech hub of Steamland, the season bounced about with Bean’s ever-complicated relationships. My personal favorite? Bean’s intriguing electrically charged dreamtime dance with her dark counterpart. And let’s not forget King Zøg’s therapy. Freud would have a field day.

The saga touched upon themes of redemption, personal discovery, political power moves, and, in true Groening fashion, some very wacky, off-beat comedy. From talking pigs to magic goo, from embittered elves to power-thirsty trøgs, it’s a whirlwind of fantastical nonsense, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

As for season five, what awaits our dysfunctional trio? With Bean confronting the literal demons of her past, present, and maybe future, Dreamland is up for a tumultuous time. And with that underwater kiss (a mermaid twist no one saw coming), one can only predict more drama. Let’s hope Bean doesn’t get ‘waterlogged’ with emotions. Ahem.

In classic Groening style, he leaves us with an insidious cliffhanger: Dagmar, with all her wicked charm, sits upon the throne, promising more havoc. Do brace yourselves, my friends.

In conclusion, dear readers, as we await the final season of “Disenchantment,” we must ponder: Will Bean finally find a balance between her duties, her powers, and her heart? Will Elfo finally get the anchovy pizza he so deserves? And for the love of all things unholy, will Luci ever stop being mistaken for a cat?

For now, grab your ale (or soda, I don’t judge) and toast to the medieval madness that is “Disenchantment.” All I can say is, if the past seasons are any indication, we’re in for a most enchanting ride.


Colonel Frog is a long time science fiction and fantasy fan. He loves reading novels in the field, and he also enjoys watching movies (as well as reading lots of other genre books).

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