Battletech computer game gets a Heavy Metal expansion (news).

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Paradox and game studio Harebrained Schemes are launching their the Heavy Metal expansion to the Battletech computer game on November 21st 2019. Heavy Metal adds eight new Mechs featuring several designs, their Flashpoint mini-campaign, and eight weapon systems to the turn-based strategy title on PC, Mac, and Linux.

There is one original and seven classic BattleMechs. Also, eight new weapon systems which can be utilised to destroy opponents in a variety of unique ways. The Mech Mortar is the first AOE weapon in Battletech and can destroy multiple units at once, while the new COIL Beam generates more energy the further the attacker travels before firing, a perfect fit for light ‘Mechs.

Battletech computer game gets a Heavy Metal expansion (news).

Battletech computer game gets a Heavy Metal expansion (news).

In the new Flashpoint Mini-Campaign you can come face-to-face with two new characters from Battletech – the Bounty Hunter and the Black Widow of Wolf’s Dragoons. A derelict cargo ship has drifted into the Periphery from deep space; what secrets does it contain, and who will ultimately control its mysterious payload?

“Heavy Metal brings a greater level of diversity to Battletech by including eight new ‘Mechs and a variety of devastating weapon systems that will change the way players destroy their opponents,” said Mitch Gitelman, Battletech Game Director and co-founder of Harebrained Schemes. “The new mini-campaign weaves its way through your mercenary career to the point when you become an elite MechCommander, capable of facing off with two of the most legendary MechWarriors in Battletech history.”

Heavy Metal will be available for digital download on the Paradox Store and Steam for PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


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