8-Bit Christmas (gaming movie: trailer).

8-Bit Christmas is a look back at the experiences of childhood from New Line Cinema and HBO Max. In suburban Chicago in the late 1980s, Jake Doyle, a ten-year-old boy, is on a mission to get the newest and greatest video gaming system for Christmas.

Actors June Diane Raphael (Long Shot), June Diane Raphael (Grace and Frankie), Winslow Fegley (Come Play), and David Cross (Pitch Perfect 2 and the Kung Fu Panda flicks) portray Jake and June, respectively, while Steve Zahn (The White Lotus) plays Jake’s father.

Kevin Jakubowski wrote the script, which Michael Dowse (“Coffee & Kareem”) directed from Kevin Jakubowski’s novel, which he also adapted for the cinema. Executive produced by Whitney Brown and Nikki Ramey were Allan Mandelbaum and Jonathan Sadowski, as well as Nikki Ramey, Richard Brener and Celia Khong.

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