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UFO/UAP news roundup (5th March 2022).

Here’s the weekly roundup of all the best new content that is fit to print, and some that probably isn’t, concerning the topic of UFOs, UAPs, and a sugary side-dollop of woo.

Ross discusses his UAP study, which led to his UFO book “In Plain Sight.” Ross takes us on a journey from his fascination with the subject as a child in New Zealand to how his supervisors at various news organisations mocked UFO encounters. Ross says that he was the one who ridiculed others at times. But, despite his doubts, he embarked on a trip that continues throughout the novel.

Unidentified Flying Objects are not exclusive to the United States. Canada, its northern neighbour, has been dealing with them for decades. Daniel Otis, a Toronto-based writer who has contributed to more than a dozen publications over the last decade, has accessed more than 20 years of Canadian UFO sightings and made them available to the public for the first time. Pilots, soldiers, and police officers have all reported seeing unusual objects in the sky in these situations. But, in the end, what does it all mean? Daniel is set to enter the Black Vault after receiving roughly 300 documents through the Access to Information Act, Canada’s counterpart of the American Freedom of Information Act.

Robert Salas, a former US Air Force officer, investigates the history of UFOs interfering with nuclear weapons and sites across the world. During the Cold War, the former Soviet Union and the United States both suffered unexplained UFO intrusions into critical military sites, causing ICBMs to malfunction, be disabled, and be armed. Since the conclusion of the Cold War, this has persisted. He examines the various examples and witness accounts of UFO-related disruptions in an attempt to determine the aim of the intelligence behind the UFOs.

On The Moszkowicz Show, Lue Elizondo explains the many UFO forms, which blows Max’s mind.

Will the year 2022 be a watershed moment for UFO disclosure? It might very well be!

Lue Elizondo is interviewed on Shifting the Paradigm, a weekly talk show.

Thanks to science fiction & fantasy author Stephen Hunt for compiling and authoring this weekly report. Best-known for creating the steampunk genre with his best-selling Jackelian series (HarperCollins/Macmillan/Tor), the first of Stephen’s Sliding Void space opera series adventures was simultaneously the #1 most downloaded novel on Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Canada. Mr. H. now makes time in between scribbling his literary endeavours to go so far down the rabbit hole that we’d need to dispatch the White Rabbit as a Crash Retrieval Specialist to rescue his ass. He’s now released his very first non-fiction work, investigating the odd world of UFOs and UAPs… Strange Incursions. Grab your copy from https://amzn.to/3yUBcRj

UFO/UAP roundup (5/12/21).

Stephen Hunt

Stephen Hunt is a fantasy and science fiction author published in English the UK, Canada and Australasia by HarperCollins and in the USA by Tor. For all the foreign translations of his works, check out his web site at http://www.StephenHunt.net

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