Things To Know If You Were Captain Of The USS Discovery X-Ray Delta-19 (article).

Things To Know If You Were Captain Of The USS Discovery X-Ray Delta-19

your flight director: GF Willmetts

  1. With eighteen months in-flight, don’t forget that the food paste containers are extremely hot when you take them out of the microwave.
  2. Ensure that the Zero Gravity Toilet instructions are adhered to and that the latrine instructions are never turned up to a firm suck as medical aid is a long way away.
  3. Use your imagination and find something else to draw than the sleeping hibernauts.
  4. Work out all the cubby holes that your logic unit, the HAL 9000 computer, isn’t privy to your activities.
  5. Don’t under-estimate the HAL 9000’s capabilities.
  6. Wait until anything short of life support fails before replacing it.
  7. Don’t forget your space helmet when taking a pod on an EVA.
  8. Wonder about the design of the pod bay that is open to vacuum when letting out repair pods.
  9. Stop being such a cold fish and show some emotion.
  10. Bring the second pod back inside the Discovery.
  11. Please to remember to press the ‘send’ button with your last message at the Jupiter Monolith.
  12. Don’t forget to take a camera and a packed lunch when you investigate the Jupiter monolith.
  13. When returning to Earth as the Star Child, pause to consider where the wheel space satellite went.



NB The actor Keir Dullea acted for director Stanley Kubrick for some two years. He could have gotten to Jupiter in that time.

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